Thursday, September 11, 2008

Embarking upon New Endeavors

Four major (artisic) projects that I am working on currently:

500 Bowling Pins Project. I am painting this number of different bowling pins, then I will have a really cool Gallery show with all of them. I have an ever growing running list for the cast of characters that will make up this group, but if you have something in mind you would like to see me do as a bowling pin, feel free to let me know. To watch the status of this project, chck out my FLickr page, I am already well on my way.

Bowling Pins

The Sequel to "The LTC" has begun! I recently started modeling characters for the sequel to "The Last Temptation of Crust."
Although it is not so much a sequel, as a continuation, with a totally different story. We will see what Frank Finkerton does after he leaves the Bus Stop. There are four characters in this story, including the Fink-bot, as TP would say. I am giving myself a full year to finish production on this. The working title is, "Llava los Manos." This title came to me in a dream. This story has been brewing heavily in my mind ever since I finished "The Crust."

This one is almost done. I have, for years now, dreamt of how I can animate my painting style. I figured it out! after numerous failed attempts.
To see one of the failed attempts, that I did something else with, go to and mouse over the images on the main page.

I worked on the successful animation some, while creating my thesis, but now I am finishing it. I will be done with it on November 7th of this year.

Canvas. One of the cool things about being an artist at an art school is all of the free art supplies you can find. WHile at Ringling, I rarely ever had to buy canvases for my paintings, because other students would just throw theirs away, which I would paint over.
This project is tentatively going to be called "Daxterpiece Numero Dos," I found this huge canvas in the dumpster at Ringling before I left Florida. It is about 10 feet by 10 feet. (Almost twice as big as the original Daxterpiece.
Granted, this canvas really wasn't the painting kind, which may be why it was tossed, but now it is ready. I put 2 buckets of gesso all over it, and now it is ready to grow.
I estimate to be done with this painting in a few months.

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