Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Daxterpieces (the game) NOW available on iTunes!

I am very Proud to announce the release of my first game for the iPhone, "Daxterpieces"

A short Explanation of Daxterpieces,

Daxterpieces is an interactive art piece.
Seemingly infinite image combinations are created with the touch
of your fingers. Think of Daxterpieces as A "Pocket Art Symphony" or
as an "interactive graphic novel."
.....And there are also animations that play when each puzzle is revealed!
There are many ways to play Daxterpieces, the way I like to play it is by touching the buttons very fast and just enjoying the different image juxtapositions.
Daxterpieces is the product of my imagination, where vast worlds are layered on top of each other, now for you to behold.
Dave Merson Hess composed the wonderful music.
Go to to get the game.
I think it is really cool and hope people will have fun with it.
I hope you dig it,


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