Monday, January 23, 2012

Art is Spiritual Science. science is materialist art

"Art is Spiritual Science. science is materialist art." here are a few art-making tips that I have been able to articulate over the past few days: 1. Make your workspace conducive to prolific art making. If you seek answers, you must ask many questions. (ie: begin to create many art pieces) Our natural curiousity will drive us, and eventually lead worthy art to completion. If the art remains unfinished for a long time, wait for inspiration to develop on it, as some ideas may be worthwhile, but dormant, as momentum incubates. 2. Let the materials dictate the image. Once you gain mastery of your material, let it speak through you. Define forms through natural texture of the marks that are made on the art surface. We are but a conduit of energy, making ideas tangible for others to see. 3. Your workspace is your temple. Thank the materials that you use, and show them respect, by returning them to their home when you are through. 4. Music, and silence, can both be of utmost importance. If you listen to music, make sure that it is something that resonates to you personally. This may be subjective from person to person.
Much Love and respect, for all though ART, -dax

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